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Thursday , November 25 , 2004


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Len's AvatarLen (Artist/Writer) (11/24/2004): Argh. Little to say this time, I'm afraid. I guess you could call this a prototype These Days drawing. I also used it as a splash page for the first issue of the print version. It's a year old, as you can see, but...dammit, I still like it. This week's song is, umm...."Lovebirds" by Hot Snakes. (horrible name, pretty good band)

(10/08/2004): Er...this is the last comic page for a while, guys. Both of us really really need a break. We'll try to post some drawings up in place of comics in the coming weeks though. This week's song is "Dub Housing" by Pere Ubu and...uh...I KNOW you will download it this time! Right? XB

Roz's AvatarRoz (Writer/Janitor) (11/24/2004): Ah... still really fucking busy lately. Sorry, but school and photojournalism are really starting to take the toll on me. Anyways, this drawing's here pretty special - that's the one that got me collaborating with Len on this comic. As for this week's song, I'll be a little weird and say it's Gang Starr's " Ex Girl To Next Girl". Yeah, I usaully don't like rap in general, but the lyrics and the music were pretty appealing to me. Oh yeah, wish all you American readers a happy Thanksgiving. Roz out.

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